Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Nativity Amigurumi PDF Crochet Pattern by HandmadeKitty


=^_^=☆=^_^=Crochet Pattern=^_^=☆=^_^=

This is a super easy and fun project to make for Christmas!

The design portrays Jesus, Mary and Joseph with halos.
Baby Jesus appears in a crib.

This design is perfect for christmas decorations like Christmas tree, Christmas wreath, desk ornaments., or mobile.

Since the design is simple you can create several of them in no time!

8 cm approx.

You will need:
a 3mm hook and Dk or worsted weight yarn.

Pattern is in US English terms and comes with many pictures with step by step instructions.



Friday, 12 November 2021

Japanese Ghost Collection Yurei, Yuki, Chochin, Nurikabe, KasaObake Amigurumi Crochet Pattern by HandmadeKitty


=^_^=☆=^_^==^_^=☆=^_^=Crochet Pattern=^_^=☆=^_^==^_^=☆=^_^==^_^=☆=^_^=

This is a Collection of Japanese Traditional Ghosts. These ghosts are still seen in modern day Japan.
They are seen in train stations, shinkanzen, houses, abandon villages shrines and spooky settings @_@

The pattern collection list are the following:

Yurei who are appear with a white kimono and a head worn triangle piece....
Yuki who appear in cold winter snow days...
Chochin one eyed lamp ghost that appear in scary dark setting...
kasa obake one eyed umbrella ghost that hop wearing a japanese sandal geta...
Nurikabe block your destiny and are seen in popular video games like Mario bros...

Yure and Yuki ghost are designed with five finger hands which is easy to do with several pictures and instruction contained in the pattern.

These pattern are designed in a cute and kawaii style which means they are fun to create and will bring spirit to your creation for fun !!


Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Mommy Panda with a Baby Panda in a Cute Baby Basket Amigurumi Crochet Pattern by HandmadeKitty



=^_^=☆=^_^=☆=^_^=☆=^_^=☆=^_^=Crochet Pattern=^_^=☆=^_^=☆=^_^=☆=^_^=☆=^_^=

Mommy Panda is foraging for Bamboo canes while carrying her baby in a cute baby basket.

Baby basket has red straps, has two different size mommy and baby bammboo canes.

This pattern is inspired by mothers in Asia who sometimes use baskets to carry their children and their food :)