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Japanese Onigiri Dolls Kitty Panda with special fillings heart salmon umeboshi Amigurumi Crochet Pattern by Handmadekitty

Kawaii japanese onigiri dolls kitty, original onigiri & panda with especial fillings.You can open and close them to fill them with your favourite flavor, Salmon, Umeboshi and Heart ♥

Onigiri are rice balls wrapped in nori (seaweed). They are very popular in Japan !...
They are so easy to make and very yummy !!...that Moms prepare them for their kids to take them to school, people take them to work, picnics ... They come in many fillings & flavors..

This design come with the kitty with salmon filling.
Original onigiri with heart filling
Panda with umeboshi filling (A very famous pickle in Japan )

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Friday, 15 January 2010

FREE Pink Bag with bow Crochet Pattern ♥

Finished size:

Without  handles 22cm x21cm approx.
Pink  Dk yarn 100g. brown Chunky yarn 25g. 
Hook:  4mm

Pattern for personal use only Copyright © Handmadekitty

From bottom to top :
Working in rounds and joining with sl st.

Rnd1: Ch25, dc in 5th ch from hook, dc in next 19chs, 9dcs in next ch. Working in opposite side of chs; dc in next 20 chs, 8dcs in next ch (57 dcs)
Rnd2: Ch3, dc in next 21dcs, 2dc in next 7dcs, dc in next 22dcs, 2dc in next 7dcs (72dcs)
Rnd3: Ch3, dc in next 72dcs. (72dcs)
Base of the bag finished.
Working in shells from now:
Rnd4: *sk 2dcs,7dcs in next dc, sk 2dcs, sl st in next dc .Repeat from * to end (12 shells)
Rnd5: Ch3,3dc in 1st sl st. sk 3dcs, sc in next dc,*sk 3dcs, 7 dcs in next sl st. ,sk 3dcs, sc in next dc. Repeat from *10 more times 3dc  in next sl st (12 shells)
Rnd6: *sk 3dcs, 7dcs in next sc, sk 3dcs, sc in next dc. Repeat from * to end (12shells)
Rnd7: Ch3,3dc in 1st sc. sk 3dcs, sc in next dc,*sk 3dcs, 7 dcs in next sc. ,sk 3dcs, sc in next dc. Repeat from *10 more times 3dc  in next sc (12 shells)
Rnd8-18: Repeat pattern the same way filling shells.
Rnd19: ch5, sk 3dcs,*ch2,sk 2dcs, 2dctog taking them from both ending and beggining of dc shells and skipping 1sc. ch2,sk 2dcs,sc in next dc. Repeat from * to end , ch2 sk 2dc.
Rnd20-Rnd21:Work the same way filling shells
Rnd22:sc in each dc and sc around

See graphics and pictures for more details.


With chunky yarn:

Ch 62, sc in second ch from hook, sc in next 60 chs (61 scs)
Pass through rnd 15 and sew it to the other end.


With chunky yarn:

*Ch12, sc in second ch from hook, sc in next 10 chs .Sl st in first sc to form a loop. Repeat from  * one more time.
**Ch12, sc in second ch from hook, sc in next 10 chs.Repeat from** one more time.

Sew it on the bag belt.

Straps (make 2)

Ch58 , dc in next 5th ch, dc to end.


Sew the straps of the bag inside and on the sides and with remaining yarn of the bow tie it to the bag right side and it’s done  !!

Im making more amigurumis now so I decided to post this crochet pattern bag so you can enjoy making it ! .I hope you understand the shells stitch part.I included a crochet graphic for the ones that dont like to read US english terms so... Anybody can make it !! ..

Thank you so much !!

If there are any questions about the pattern feel free to ask !! ^^ Happy crocheting !! :) :)

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Mommies and Babies Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

Mommy Bunny and Baby bunny in Baby Carriage Amigurumi Crochet Pattern ♥

Mommy Mouse and Baby Mouse in baby sling Amigurumi Crochet Pattern ♥

Mommy Monkey and Baby monkey with banana Amigurumi Crochet Pattern ♥

Thank you ♥

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